Aldridge Place Local Historic District Information

Aldridge Place is an extraordinarily intact historic subdivision in Central Austin that has retained its original appearance and landscape patterns and conveys a vivid and accurate sense of its own history. Aldridge Place is committed to its preservation and on April 29, 2016 requested city designation as a local historic district (LHD). Documents related to the LHD application are linked below. Please direct any questions to:

Roger Binkley

Rick Iverson

Janet Beinke



Nomination Summary

Aldridge Place LHD By the Numbers 

Full Application Documents as submitted to the City of Austin

Nomination Form

Architectural Examples

Appendix A: Maps

Appendix B: Inventory of Properties

B-1: Inventory by Street Numbers

B-2: Inventory by Map Numbers

Appendix C: Resource Surveys and Photos

C-1: Resource Surveys

C-1.1: 32nd Street

C-1.2: 33rd Street

C-1.3: Hemphill Park

C-1.4: Laurel Lane

C-1.5: Wheeler Street

Appendix D: Preservation Plan and Design Standards – Final

Appendix E: Demonstrations of Support

E-1: 32nd Street

E-2: 33rd Street

E-3: Hemphill Park

E-4: Laurel Lane

E-5: Wheeler Street

Appendix F: Neighbor Involvement 

City of Austin LHD Flowchart and FAQ

LHD Flowchart