APD Reminders

The Austin Police Department (APD) recommends that if there is a problem or an offense “in progress,” call 911 and make a complaint. In order to have this complaint followed through, the caller must also request an officer come and speak with him/her. For all other calls or complaints 311 is the number for something which has already occurred and is not an emergency. APD strongly recommends that if you feel that a call to 311 is not satisfactory, by all means, call 911. Assistant City Manager over APD, Chief Michael McDonald, has requested that the word get out about the operator’s response to a call; if a caller feels that the operator’s response at 911 is inappropriate in any way, he/she should ask to have the operator’s supervisor call back immediately. Hang up and wait for the supervisor’s call. NUNA has a new district representative from APD, Officer Armando (A.J.) Rodriguez. Officer Rodriguez may be reached at 974-4527 or by e-mail.