NUNA General Membership Meeting: October 4

The next general membership meeting will take place on Zoom on Monday, October 4 at 6:30pm. To receive a Zoom invitation to the event, email president Babs Davis at


Monday, October 4, 2021 


Welcome and Call to Order 

  • o Roll Call / Quorum 
  • o Reading and Approval of June Minutes Diane Presti 
  • o Treasurer’s Report Jan Moyle 


  • o 33rd St. bridge — Guadalupe Street Storm Drain Improvements Stephanie Lott, CoA Watershed 
  • o Neighborhood policing status (provisional agenda item) (pending for this or a ▪ future meeting) 

Quadrant Leader reports 

  • o Northeast Mary Ingle 
  • o Northwest Randy Thompson 
  • o Southeast Dick Holland 
  • o Southwest Jim Creswell 

Topics of Neighborhood Concern 

  • o Project Connect 
  • o UT stadium sound system testing 
  • o City council district redistricting 

Other business 

  • o Bylaws review committee Lynn Marshall 
  • o Binkley memorial bench dedication Mary Ingle 
  • o Newsletter delivery Janet Beinke