Curbside trash collection

Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) provides curbside services to manage your landfill trash, yard trimmings, composting, recycling, and bulk collection. In NUNA, collection is weekly for yard trimmings, composting,, and bulk collection Recycling pick up occurs every other week. Collection day is on Friday mornings. Bulk collection is provided twice a year. You will receive a postcard notification when Bulk Collection is upcoming.

You can order your curbside services by calling Austin Resource Recovery at 512-494-9400. You can choose your order from among varying cart sizes for various prices depending on your household needs.

Place your carts at the curbside before 6:30 am on Friday or later on Thursday. And please remove the carts from the curbside as early as practical after pickup on Friday to free up spaces for street parking in our neighborhood. The sanitation trucks will only pick up what is in the carts. Tags for overflow garbage bags can be purchased from ARR. Untagged garbage bags will remain at the curbside.

*Some important notes. The collection day slides from Friday to Saturday if there is a weekday holiday that week such as New Years, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You can access the complete schedule by clicking on “My Schedule” on the ARR website and