Project Connect update and comment period

Our neighbor Pam Bell has been following updates to Project Connect. As you likely know, Austin is getting a new light rail line that will pass by our neighborhood on Guadalupe. Cap Metro has begun sharing initial plans of how this will impact our neighborhood and Pam has shared them.

A few of the more notable changes to the neighborhood in the plans at this point:

  • Guadalupe, from MLK to 29th Street, will be light rail and pedestrian/bike only. No more vehicle traffic. This is a stark change from what was laid out prior to the Proposition vote.
  • Considerable impact to businesses and apartments along the Guadalupe Corridor. Several blocks will be removed to make way for the rail, including the gas station, Taco Shack, Venue apartments (where Torchy’s is) and even El Patio.
  • A second station in our neighborhood currently located at the intersection of 38th and Guadalupe.

Click here to find Pam Bell’s presentation about the current Project Connect proposal from the City of Austin. Citizens have until August 27 to comment by emailing . If you have any questions, contact Pam at the following email: