RPP renewal information for 2021-22

The following was sent to NUNA on behalf of the City of Austin Transportation Department

This is a friendly reminder that your current residential parking permits will soon be expiring on July 31, 2021.

If you have already purchased your 2022 permits or have moved and no longer live in an RPP area, please disregard this email.

You can complete an online renewal application by visiting the clickable link below:

RPP | Residential Parking Permits Portal | PRODUCTION (knack.com) .

Please be sure to attach the required documentation for proof or residence.

  • At this time we cannot accept payment online. You receive an email notification that your application has been “Approved” then please follow the payment options listed. We accept all major credit cards, exact cash, and checks made payable to the City of Austin.

Be advised that you may now purchase up to 6 permits per residence (maximum of 2 hang-tags), but the prices have increased as of Oct 1st 2020 and are now based on a tiered based pricing system. Whether you order decals or hang-tags the pricing is based on the # of permits purchased. Please see the breakdown below:  

NOTE: Our offices are closed for walk-up service, but staff is in the office everyday & can schedule an in-person appointment if needed.